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Bound Gods are muscular men in gay bondage kink

Officer Trenton Ducati fucks prisoner Max Cameron

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Max Cameron has one day left in jail before going on parole, and Officer Trenton Ducati makes sure to give the parolee a decent send off. Officer Ducati puts Max over his knee and smacks him for everyday he has spent in jail. He then pulls Max’s face down to his lap, and has him suck Trenton’s ample boner. Officer Ducati then tosses him onto the jail bed, where he slams his hard schlong up Max’s taut butt. Trenton makes sure Max knows that no matter where he is, he will always be a jail tramp to Officer Ducati, and his widely opened crevice will be unquestionable proof. Trenton fucks Max’s butt until he can’t take it any longer and shoots his spunk all over Max’s moist tongue. Max spends his final moments blowing his gooey load all over himself.


Luke Adams is 12 days a slave

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Luke Adams is picked up at the bar by the devastatingly handsome Christian Wilde. He likes his mysterious nature and hints of a dark side. He has no idea…

Once Christian leads him back to his lair, Luke Adams is bound and forced to suck his cock. I mean, he was willing, but Christian gave him no choice anyway.


Then comes the hard bondage, filled with electric pain whenever Christian is displeased. Luke is eventually spread eagled and has no choice but to take his captor’s stiff cock deep in his ass. Being this submissive is new to him, but in the end Luke enjoys being his love slave.


Newcomer Adam Ramzi broken in at the Kink dungeon

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Adam Ramzi shows up at the Kink dungeon for his gay bondage initiation. Christian Wilde gets the distinct pleasure of breaking him in and teaching him what it takes to be with the Bound Gods. Impressively, Adam takes a serious pounding with just the right amount of screaming…

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Officer roleplay at Bound Gods

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Officer Connor Maguire frisks new inmate Seth Santoro and goes the extra mile because he’s working solo and there’s no witnesses around. Once Seth senses his extra attention he offers himself up in return for some leniency. Connor takes no chances and ties him up before using this Bound God for all he’s worth. Seth had no idea he would be getting so much kink in exchange for his freedom.

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Christian Wilde punishes muscled body builder in bondage

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Muscled body builder Marcus Ruhl is taken to the Kink dungeon where Christian Wilde punishes him in bondage. He has a great body, with a willing mouth and uncut cock that responds to being a total plaything. Unable to resist, Marcus is used and abused in suspension bondage and it’s such a turn on to see this strong man be totally submissive.


Bound Gods punishment from Andrew Justice

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Andrew Justice has Dirk Caber as his prisoner in the deepest part of the Kink dungeons where nobody can hear him. Tied up and helpless, Dirk is forced to endure teasing and he can’t stop his dick from getting hard. Andrew stuffs his cock in his mouth and then when he knows he’s been broken, he plunges into his ass too. Dirk moans and thrashes but he can’t stop this Bound Gods punishment…



Bound Gods gay officer roleplay

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Bound Gods sponsors some gay officer roleplay when Jeremy Stevens captures burglar Dayton O’Connor red handed, and he agrees to do anything the officer wants if he doesn’t go to jail. Jeremy Stevens secures him in bondage and works him over before fucking his ass. Dayton may squirm and moan, but he cannot escape his punishment from this horny gay officer.


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Cole Brooks bound and abused

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Cole Brooks is tall and sexy. He’s also bound and abused in the Kink dungeon by none other than bondage master Adam Herst. Blindfolded and helpless, his mouth is forced open by Adam’s hard cock until he’s breathless. Then Adam takes out his lust on his tender white ass. Cole is left blindfolded the whole time, and all his senses are tuned to this stiff dick penetrating him over and over.


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Tattooed master Logan McCree

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Tattooed master Logan McCree finds a willing subject in the basement of a Berlin dungeon, like a present waiting for him to unwrap. Seeing Berlin boy bound and with a raging hard on gets him in the mood to teach Sam Barclay the rules of submission. Logan McCree forces him to suck his cock while alternating between candle wax torture and flogging pain. He handles it so well he decides to reward him with a proper ass fucking in the stairwell before leaving him behind as a used piece of pleasure meat. Hahahaha.


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Basement bondage with Phenix Saint

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Dirty election Phenix Saint surprises and subdues cocky college student Randall O’Reilly in the bathroom and drags him down to the basement. Randall promises anything for his freedom so Phenix makes him suck his cock and fucks his ass while he’s strapped down to the bed. Randall takes it all like a champ and is finally released, but can’t help thinking about how much he liked his experience with basement bondage.


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